DIY Canvas Art Tutorial - Monochromatic Word Canvas

Posted by Lindsey Brown on Saturday, February 9, 2013 Under: Tutorial
This is my very first blog post and I'm excited to share the step-by-step instructions on how to make the first of (5) very easy canvas art creations.   If you were at the Emmanuel Community Church Ladies Group breakfast this morning, you saw my brief (and very informal) presentation on these beauties.

The base of each of these projects is a 16"x20" canvas that can be purchased in the craft section of your local dollar store.  (I found mine at Dollarama.)  Other supplies and resources will be posted in each set of instructions.  Remember, creativity is not perfection, but it's always fun to be able to say "I made that!"

Monochromatic Word Canvas

Supplies Needed:
  • 16"x20" Canvas
  • Sticky-backed mirrored words (found in the craft/home decor section, Dollarama)
  • Glue gun or white gun
  • Paint colour of your choice (acrylic or spray)
  • Paint brush (foam works great)
First off, whenever working with paint and glue, I recommend protecting your work surface.  Cardboard, newspapers, placemats, or even an inexpensive vinyl tablecloth make great drop cloths.   

Once you've protected your work space, take your mirrored words and decide on your layout.  I used the words "Faith", "Hope" & "Love", centred horizontally, stacked on top of each other.   Peel the backing and apply the words in your desired location.  You may wish to add additional glue to the back of the mirrors - dollar store adhesive isn't always strong!  Let the glue dry and peel protective plastic off front of mirrors. 

Now comes the fun & messy part!  I used spray paint on this project, but the choice of paint is yours.  If you're working with spray paint, I recommend taking your project outside or somewhere that a little bit of colour isn't going to matter.  Spray paint tends to leave residue and there is usually overspray that makes a mess!   Following the directions on your can of spray paint (available from most craft, hardware, and big box stores) apply an even coat of paint to your entire canvas - words and all.  Make sure you don't forget your sides.  Again, following the directions on your can, allow your project to dry for the recommended time (usually 24 hours to prevent smudges.)  

If you choose to use acrylic paint (available in most dollar stores, craft stores, and big box stores), your protected workspace is the perfect place to add colour.  Take your acrylic paint and paint brush (I recommend a foam brush), and apply an even coat of paint to your artwork.  It make take a few coats to get the finish you want.   Acrylic paint usually dries within 15 minutes, so it won't take nearly as long for your project to "set" as it would with the spray paint.   

Once your canvas is dry, snap a picture to share with your friends and hang where desired.   Congrats -  you did it, you are fabulous & creative!


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