DIY Canvas Art Tutorial: Stripes & Heart

Posted by Lindsey Brown on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 Under: Tutorial
Today I'm sharing the third tutorial of the 5-part DIY Canvas Art series.   If you're joining us from our Facebook page, you may have seen a photo from fan who shared her take on the project.   It's a fun one to give a try and can easily be updated to suit the season or celebration.   As in the rest of the series, this project starts with an inexpensive 16"x20" canvas.

Stripes & Heart Canvas

Supplies Needed:
  • 16"x20" Canvas (found at dollar store or craft store)
  • painters tape
  • paint brush (I prefer foam)
  • acrylic or latex paint
  • wire heart wreath (dollar store)
  • ribbon
  • glue or stapler
With the exception of the canvas and wire heart, I had al the supplies on hand so this easy project cost me $3 plus tax.

First, decide on the orientation of your canvas.  I opted for landscape.  Next, decide if you want to give your canvas a base coat.  I opted not to as the grey stripes on a white canvas worked perfectly fine.   If you do decide on a base colour, ensure your canvas is completely dry before beginning your stripes. 

Using your painters tape, tape off even strips across the canvas.  Make sure to wrap the tape all the way to the back so your stripes hit the sides.  Ensure your tape is flat and secured - this is what ensures your crisp lines.  Once all your tape has been applied, paint your stripes on the exposed canvas.   I used latex on this canvas - it was left over from a previous project.  Acrylic is cheaper and would do the job just as well. It also dries quicker. 

Once your stripes are evenly painted (it make take two or three coats to evenly cover the canvas), carefully peel off the tape.   Take your heart wreath (or other desired accent - decorative word or shape, small wreath, wooden initial, whatever you have on hand or catches your eye!) and loop the ribbon through the hanger.  Decide where you want your heart to sit on the canvas - I opted for off-center, to the right a little.  Take both ends of ribbon over the top, and staple or glue to the back, adjusting the length to ensure heart hits mid-height on the canvas.  Take a second length of ribbon and tie a bow around the ribbon and hanger to finish the look.   Switch out the ribbon & accent piece for a quick change with the seasons.   And there you have it - another no-fail brag-worthy project!

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