Handmade Baby Gifting

Posted by Lindsey Brown on Thursday, January 22, 2015
My cousin had a baby back in November.  A sweet little girl - a first for them.  My family is just now getting around to hosting a shower (we sure know how to procrastinate!) - despite the fact that we've had numerous family events since then and have all met said baby. Oh well...

Back in the fall, I was thinking of my whole buy local, buy handmade philosophy.  A great idea, but not always practical... baby gifts though?  Oh, they are just perfect opportunities to find some handmade happiness infused with love.  So I kept my eyes open at different events, and of course, puchased supplies (or raided my studio stash) for a custom Wisdom & Whimsy product. 

I found the softest oversize receiving blanket in suitable colours - but also gender neutral - from a vendor (Terri's Krafty Korner) at the Mistletoe Market held in Port Perry.  I've seen Terri's work before and she does a fine job!  Well constructed, good materials.   I'm wrapping it up with this custom fabric-wrapped canvas with MDF letter wall art made by me. 

It was a simple project, and by no means original, but still happy with the end results.  We can only hope the new mom adores it and it suits the nursery well.

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