New holiday signs... and an invitation!

Posted by Lindsey Brown on Tuesday, November 11, 2014
It might not be Christmas yet, but in the crafting world, we tend to work on our holiday stock all year long.  Or if you're like me, you wait until the last minute and start cramming it in days before our major events.  We work well under pressure. 

Here are some of the most recent creations - some are still available for purchase (see the invitation below.)  Others have already found their forever home.  

The last picture is my little guy showing off his own crafting skills.  He made these Nativity Family Clothespin Ornaments with me on the weekend.  They're just one of the projects he's been working on or planning.  He wants to come to some of my events and sell alongside me. I think we can make room at the table for such a cute face.

Speaking of events, this weekend we'll be in Barrie at the Timothy Christian School Christmas Bazaar.  

Count this as your invitation to join us!

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Don't forget to wear your poppy with pride tomorrow... and take a social media break of silence.  On the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour, take time to show your respect and your pride as we honour the brave men & women who have sacrificed for our freedoms.   Lest we forget!