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Posted by Lindsey Brown on Sunday, February 11, 2018 Under: News
One... it's been 3 years since we've blogged.  Apparently, we've been VERY remiss about keeping the content on this part of our site up to date.  Our apologies. Needless to say, things have changed since April 2015. 

We are still excited to be partnered with my husband's family print shop - having a guy on the inside comes in handy.  He will custom cut a number of the stencils and supplies vinyl for my in-house designs.   Each custom design is custom cut for you!  Our time goes into the actual design and layout, then communicated with him as a supplier or created in our studio at home (paper or vinyl) - all depending on the scale of our project.  It's a system that works for us! On a side note, if you are ever looking for banners, window signage, product labels, wedding and party favours, or custom imprints - i.e. pens, we can do that, too!  Just use the contact us form or send us a message through Facebook, and we'd love to provide a quote.

Another new development is a brick and mortar opportunity for you to shop our products!  Village Florist & Gifts By Design has recently opened on Highway 7a in Nestleton.  We are one of their supplying vendors and you can shop our ready-to-go signs among other appropriate-for-giving home decor, accessories, jewelry, plush toys, silk & live floral arrangements, etc.  We're truly excited about the opportunity this provides for people who like to see before they buy and love that it's another opportunity to shop local!   The location currently accepts cash & credit if you're planning on stopping in, and coffee, tea, and hot chocolate are available.  

Take a peek next time you're in the area, tell a friend, like their Facebook page, and help us spread the word! 

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