Scrap Wood Minis

Posted by Lindsey Brown on Monday, April 13, 2015
I don't have an official studio per se, but utilize space where there's warmth and light.  I make use of our furnace room where my mitre saw and a workbench is set up.  It's cold and dark throughout the winter.  We have a three-season room off our deck where our dead hot tub lives.  I have a work table set up in there among our various items that need storage.  (I love our home, but closet and storage space is a serious issue - no garage either so we improvise.)  The lighting in this room is amazing and when it's nice out, it's my favourite place to work.  In the winter, it's cold, so cold - frost patterns decorate the windows and you might catch frostbite on your toes.  Finally, I have a spare table set up in our great room (kitchen/entry/living room).  It's my least favourite place to work as it leaves our "home" unsightly with half-finished projects, but it's warm and usually bright enough in the winter.  

Needless to say, my projects are strewn across the house.  There's probably a paintbrush, bottle of acrylic paint, and tape measure in every room.  Hardware, too... I mean hardware as in screws... that hurt worse than Lego when you step on them.  I always have a few Rubbermaid-style bins or cardboard boxes with wood tucked away as well. Some with cabinet doors to repurpose, some with projects that need to be completely overhauled, and others with just wood scraps - sometimes wood scraps small enough that they seemingly have no purpose.  

Many times our two boys (7 & 9) get the scrap wood or no-go projects.  They take them outside with their hammers and nails to build, well, to nicely put it, "stuff".  It's never practical or particularly pretty, but I absolutely love that they can spend time using their imaginations and "building" whatever it may be. 

A few months ago, I salvaged some of those scraps for myself and decided to paint and stain them with no clear purpose in mind.  I completely forgot about them let them dry and cure, then created some simple designs. They were fun to create... they are adorably, my scrap wood minis.  We'll be bringing what's available to the spring show in Courtice at the end of the month - along with some other new creations! 

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