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Scrap Wood Minis

Posted by Lindsey Brown on Monday, April 13, 2015,
I don't have an official studio per se, but utilize space where there's warmth and light.  I make use of our furnace room where my mitre saw and a workbench is set up.  It's cold and dark throughout the winter.  We have a three-season room off our deck where our dead hot tub lives.  I have a work table set up in there among our various items that need storage.  (I love our home, but closet and storage space is a serious issue - no garage either so we improvise.)  The lighting in this room is ...
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DIY Canvas Art Tutorial: Stripes & Heart

Posted by Lindsey Brown on Tuesday, February 12, 2013, In : Tutorial 
Today I'm sharing the third tutorial of the 5-part DIY Canvas Art series.   If you're joining us from our Facebook page, you may have seen a photo from fan who shared her take on the project.   It's a fun one to give a try and can easily be updated to suit the season or celebration.   As in the rest of the series, this project starts with an inexpensive 16"x20" canvas.

Stripes & Heart Canvas

Supplies Needed:
  • 16"x20" Canvas (found at dollar store or craft store)
  • painters tape
  • paint brush (I prefer ...

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